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Exemption Guidelines


  1. Policy and Guidelines on Assistance to Individual Owner of Budget Taxi and Car Rental
  2. Malaysia My Second Home Programme - Tax Exemption Application For Motorcar
  3. Budget 2009: Guidelines to Apply for Exemption of Import Duty and Sales Tax on Equipment for Energy Conservation Activities (Energy Efficiency - EE)
  4. Budget 2009: Guidelines to Apply for Exemption of Import Duty and Sales Tax on Equipment To Generate Energy From Renewable Sources (Renewable Energy)
  5. Budget 2009: Guidelines for bus operators to Apply for Exemption of Sales Tax on Ready Made Buses Including air conditioning assembled locally
  6. Tax Incentives For Service Sector
  7. Tax Incentive Scheme For Operational Headquarters (OHQ)
  8. Guidelines to Apply Discount On Contribution to Community Projects and Charity.
  9. 100% Exemption Of Excise Duty On Vehicle For Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU) (Type Inability / Physical Defects / Dumb / Hearing Defects)
  10. Exemption Of 50% From Import Duty And Excise Duty On Private Car To Government Officers And Statutory Bodies Who Have Completed Serving Abroad
  11. Exemption Of Duty / Tax On Vehicle Under Returning Expert Programme To Encourage Malaysian Citizens With Expertise Residing Overseas To Return To Malaysia
  12. Budget 2007: Guideline on 50% Excise Duty Exemption For the Purchase of 4WDs by Tour Operators.
  13. Guideline For the Application of Deduction Under Section 34(6)(ha) Income Tax Act 1967

Application Procedures

  1. Authorization for Re-exporting Raw Materials / Components or Machinery / Tools That Are Duty/Tax Exempted
  2. Exemption of Duty / Tax on Equipment Tools for Tourism Project Not for Accommodation
  3. Permission to Move / Add Store / Factory site
  4. Exemption of Duty / Tax on Imported Complete Products After One Year Period
  5. Status of Approved Training Institutions
  6. Letter of Acknowledgement

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