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  1. ePerolehan is an electronic procurement system that enables suppliers to offer products and services to the government via the internet. It also functions as an alternative medium for supplier registration and renewal of the Ministry of Finance certificate. Electronic government applications are targeted towards cost, time and energy savings particularly when a 'paperless' work environment is fully implemented.


  1. Services offered under ePerolehan include:
  • Submission of tender proposal and quotation
  • Submission of application
  • Acceptance of application
  • Application status check
  • Delivery of tender offer
  • Online payment and receipt transaction
  • Electronic Catalogue (eCAT)


  1. The ePerolehan process is facilitated through the application of key modules by both the Government and suppliers. The support processes, developed within the Government policy framework of procurement, complement each other. These key modules enable the government to perform the following tasks:
  • Specific expenditure and procurement planning;
  • Sourcing, selection, evaluation and appointment of vendors for supplies and services;
  • Formulation and management of Government contracts; and
  • Processing and fulfilment of requests and payments for supplies and services.


  1. Apart from the Government, key module applications also assist suppliers with the following functions:
  • Receipt of Government purchase orders, submission of delivery orders and creation of invoices;and
  • Registration as Government suppliers.


  1. The new ePerolehan system is driven by five (5) key modules.
  • Contract Management
  • Supplier Selection
  • Fulfilment
  • Procurement Plan
  • Supplier Management.