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To increase government revenue by creating an optimum taxation system whilst encouraging private sector investments to enhance national economic growth.

To create and implement an effective, transparent, and just taxation policy towards attaining sustainable economic growth.

To ensure a fair taxation system that is able to stimulate sustainable economic growth and generate national revenue.


  1. Plan and implement direct and indirect taxation policies and incentives.
  2. Plan and implement policies and guidelines in double taxation avoidance agreements.
  3. Certify tax exemptions, remittance, incentives and tax agents.



  1. Developing the nation's tax policy fair and transparent.
  2. Committed to creating an optimal tax system that will enhance government revenue as well as to encourage private investment and improved quality of life.
  3. Provide fair in considering tax proposals for Budget
  4. Ensure that tax exemption approval letter is clear and precise to enable the smooth operations of the applicant.
  5. Provide decisions or tax-exemption tax incentives operated by the Division within the following time:

    No. Application Period(Weekdays)
    1. Duty for cars under the Malaysia My Second Home 14
    2. Exemption of entertainment tax on international staging or staging areas 14
    3. The excise duty exemption for rental cars 21
    4 Excise duty, import duty and sales tax on the car for a refund Malaysian experts serving 14