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Towards creating a professional management of government funding.

Managing loans and government financial policy affairs prudently.


  1. Preparation of policies and strategies related to the Federal Government loans;
  2. Sufficient acquisition of funds to finance the needs of the Government;
  3. Provision of loans to finance development projects;
  4. Supervision of legal matters and development matters relating to the country’s financial and capital markets;
  5. Handle domestic and international affairs of financial/ trusts institutions; and
  6. Provide actuarial services to public and private sectors.


  1. Formulate investment and financing policies;
  2. Evaluate companies and Public Private Partnership (PPP);
  3. Evaluate financing and risks; and
  4. Manage and monitor investment.



  1. Acquisitions of funds (by means of loans) from domestic and foreign resources for projects financing to be managed within the following time frame :
    a.  Borrowing approval  1 month
    b. Preparation and documentation approval 1 month
     c.  Compliance with precedent conditions 2 weeks
  2.  Lending of Federal Government to State Governments, corporations, statutory bodies and other bodies to be dealt within the following period:
    a. Borrowing approval  1 month
    b. Preparation and documentation approval 1 month
    c. Loan disbursement  2 weeks
  3. Grant approval to borrowing agencies - 2 weeks;
  4. Process approval for guarantees on loans to companies and government agencies - 1 month;
  5. Process approval for policy recommendations, legislative changes and orders from regulatory agencies - 2 weeks;
  6. Control of policy compliance and appliance of regulations and legislation - 2 weeks;
  7. Coordinate policies on trust - 2 weeks;
  8. Process approval on cooperation programmes and affairs of international financial institutions - 1 month;
  9. Process approval on venture capital programmes - 2 weeks;
  10. Process approval of corporate affairs of the Government companies in venture capital - 2 weeks;
  11. Review salary schemes, remuneration and pensions of public sector and the implementation method for the company, corporate and government statutory bodies - 6 months;
  12. Review plans and schemes of social insurance for corporations, cooperatives, associations and councils - 2 months;
  13. Process approval of dividend rate setting for Employees Provident Fund (EPF), Armed Forces Fund Board’s dividend (LTAT) and Lembaga Tabung Haji’s reserve (LTH) - 2 months;
  14. Recommendation for approval to the proposed investments of the EPF, SOCSO, LTH and LTAT -  2 weeks; and
  15. Recommendation for approval of loans for the Tourism Infrastructure Fund - 2 weeks;
  16. Process approval on policy / guidelines of development fund - 1 month.