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Ensure the registration, management and regulatory on credit reporting agencies is equitable, transparent, effective and efficient.


Become a distinctive high-performance, dynamic, efficient and responsible for establishing the credit reporting sector that is competitive with integrity and in line with the current competitive world of globalization.


  1. To establish Register of Credit Reporting Agencies in Malaysia.
  2. To ensure all parties involved comply with the provisions of Act 710 and the guidelines as prescribed by Registrar.
  3. To develop a world-class credit reporting industry in Malaysia.
  4. To protect the right of all stakeholders under Act 710.


  1. To implement and enforce Act 710 including the formulation of policies and procedures guidelines.
  2. To advise The Minister on matters in relation to the administration of Act 710.
  3. To promote awareness and dissemination of information to the public in relation to the implementation of Act 710.
  4. To monitor and regulate the credit reporting agencies.
  5. To encourage and promote the development of credit reporting industry.
  6. To create a conducive environment for credit reporting agencies to carry out their activities.


  1. Processing applications for registration of the credit reporting agencies subject to receipt of complete documentation - 14 working days
  2. Processing applications for renewal of the credit reporting agency subject to to receipt of complete documentation - 14 working days
  3. Resolve public complaints about PPK - 10 working days
  4. Resolve public complaints about credit reporting agencies - 21 working days


For more details, please visit Registrar Office Of Credit Reporting Agencies (PPK) website.