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Driving transformation process of socio-economic development and civil service delivery for the people’s well-being.

To facilitate and coordinate the implementation of government policies in a more structured, integrated and cost-effective manner in line with current policies.


  1. To ensure a well-planned, integrated and cost effective delivering service system
  2. To achieve a prudent fiscal management through the change of the modus operandi across all government agencies
  3. To formulate plan and implement government service delivery initiatives through socio-economic transformation.
  4. To coordinate collaboration and monitor performance in implementation of government service delivery initiatives.
  5. To plan, coordinate and implement activities that promote entrepreneurial ecosystems.


  1. Coordinating the Integration of Government Programs, especially people-centered socio-economic program
  2. Ensuring that socio-economic programs have strategic outcomes to the country.
  3. Evaluate and recommend the budget allocation of socio-economic transformation programs of ministries and agencies.
  4. Evaluating the effectiveness of socio-economic transformation initiatives.
  5. Developing socio-economic transformation framework for the ministries, departments, agencies and the private sector
  6. Strengthening the strategic collaboration between all transformation initiatives.
  7. Communicating any information pertaining to socio-economic transformation program to the rakyat.
  8. Developing socio-economic program database for references.


  1. To evaluate newly proposed initiatives from the agency within 14 working days
  2. To take further action within 7 working days
  3. To process budget application with complete information and to submit to the top management within 5 working days
  4. To act on top management’s directives within 3 working days