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The strategic technology partner to Treasury.


To provide strategic IT solutions for Treasury to achieve excellence in managing the nation's finance and economy.


  1. To strengthen and establish good ICT governance;
  2. To plan and implement ICT initiatives in response to changing environment;
  3. To develop IT solutions that meets the business requirements of divisions;
  4. To provide quality, timely and secured ICT services; and
  5. To develop and implement training program for ICT skills and competencies building.


  1. ICT strategy and planning;
  2. Development and maintenance of application systems;
  3. Management of ICT infrastructure and technical support;
  4. ICT governance; and
  5. ICT acculturation and training.


We are committed to provide professional service according to the time as stipulated for the following:

Application system development following the processes of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

  1. Develop 1 module within 4-6 months;
  2. To complete documentation for each module 1 month after completion of system development; and
  3. To conduct end user training within a month after completion of system development.


Technical support services:

  1. Respond within 2 hours after creation of the complaint ticket by Helpdesk;
  2. Provide replacement unit if the ICT equipment cannot be repaired within 24 hours;
  3. Email service availability of 97%;
  4. Create email account on the same day if application is received before 2 pm, otherwise it will be on the next working day.


ICT project papers for approval of MOF ICT Steering Committee:

  1. Will be processed within 2 weeks upon receipt of applications with complete documentation.