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To be an excellent Government strategic investment manager in order to create sustainable value to support national economy growth beyond the year 2020.


To maximize the impact of Government’s investments in Government-owned companies in economic development and enhancing the quality of life.  


To ensure that MOF (Inc.) companies conduct their activities in line with the objectives of their incorporation.


  1. To establish domestic and international policies in relations to Government-owned companies.
  2. To conduct and coordinate corporate matters pertaining to MOF (Inc.)’s interest as a shareholder in the companies.
  3. To conduct analysis and monitoring of MOF (Inc.)’s financial performance, Key Performance Indicators and investment portfolio.
  4. To manage the investment activities of MOF (Inc.).
  5. To review, structure and implement corporate and financial restructuring of the companies, disposals, mergers, acquisitions and rationalisation of MOF (Inc.) companies.
  6. To monitor and ensure good corporate governance practices in MOF (Inc.) companies.


Government Investment Companies Division

Ministry of Finance Malaysia

Level 5, South Block

Ministry of Finance Complex Precinct 2

Federal Government Administrative Centre

62592 Putrajaya


03-8882 3719

03-8882 3870

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Minister of Finance (Incorporated) Act [MOF (Inc.)] 1957 (Revised 1989) [Act 375] empowers MOF (Inc.) to enter into contracts and may acquire, purchase, take, hold and enjoy movable and immovable property of every description, and may convey, assign, surrender and yield up, charge, mortgage, demise, reassign, transfer or otherwise dispose of, or deal with, any movable or immovable property vested in the MOF (Inc.) upon such terms as to the MOF (Inc.) seems fit.

Bil. Source of Authority and Regulations Link
1. Financial Procedures Act 1967 -
2. Minister of Finance (Incorporation) Act 1957 Attorney General's Chamber
3. Companies Act 2016 Companies Commission Of Malaysia
4. The Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance 2017 Securities Commision Malaysia
5. Garis Panduan Ahli Lembaga Pengarah Lantikan Menteri Kewangan Diperbadankan Ministry Of Finance
6. Memorandum and Articles of Associations Of individual companies
7. Treasury Circulars
- Bumiputera Public Listed Companies
- Government Procurement
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Government Investment Companies Division is responsible to provide efficient and effective corporate services as well as providing financial guidance for investment to the Minister of Finance (Incorporated) [MOF (Inc.)] companies.

We pledge to process and deliver the MOF (Inc.)/Ministry of Finance’s decisions on the matters below, upon receiving of the completed application:

# Activity Duration
1. Resolution and proxy for Annual General Meeting (AGM)/ Extraordinary Meeting (EGM) for MOF (Inc.) companies 10 working days
2. Appointment and establishment of the terms and conditions for the Chairman/MD/CEO of MOF (Inc.) companies 7 working days
3. Extension and establishment of the terms and conditions for the Chairman/MD/CEO of MOF (Inc.) companies 10 working days
4. Bonus payment to the MD/CEO and  the staff of MOF (Inc.) companies 10 working days
5. Revision of salaries of the MD/CEO and staff of MOF (Inc.) companies 2 months
6. Corporate restructuring of MOF (Inc.) companies    6–12 months
7. Financial restructuring of MOF (Inc.)  companies 6–12 months
8. Proposals on investments/loans/disposals of MOF (Inc.) company shares 1–3 months
9. Review for the Cabinet Paper 2 weeks
10. Provide reviews or response to Parliament inquiries 7 days prior to the date of questions