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Nation’s premier agency in fiscal and macroeconomic management.

Ensuring sustainable fiscal policy and economic growth through effective dissemination of information and professional advisory services.


  1. Establish fiscal policies and strategies in line with national development objectives and fiscal position of the Government.
  2. Monitor, anaylse, formulate and report on the overall fiscal position and compliance with fiscal strategies by relevant divisions within MOF and other government agencies.
  3. Prepare the macroeconomic framework and projections to enable the Government to evaluate the current economic and fiscal situation as well as socioeconomic issues in line with short and medium-term plans.
  4. Analyse global and domestic economic and financial trends to assess the impact on the domestic economy, as well as fiscal and sosioeconomic management.
  5. Develop economic, fiscal and social models for short and medium term using various econometric techniques as well as other appropriate tools.
  6. Undertake economic, fiscal and social research to provide advice on issues that affect economic growth and Government finances as well as socioeconomic issues.
  7. Publish the Annual Economic and Fiscal Report, Quarterly Economic Report and monthly economic reports as well as reports/articles on current economic, fiscal and socioeconomic issues.



  1. Prepare Economic Outlook and Fiscal Outlook and Federal Government Revenue Estimates to be tabled in Parliament on Budget Day
  2. Advise and provide inputs to the Government on economic developments to facilitate policy formulation in addressing short and medium-term issues in order to manage the economy in an affective, efficient and transparent manner:
    • Organise the Annual Budget Consultation and focus group discussions to obtain views and input from the private and public sectors, industry and professional associations, universities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on current economic issues as well as suggestions for the formulation of strategies and measures for the National Budget.
    • Prepare Annual Economic and Fiscal Report and ensure completed with Budget Speech for international rating agencies as well as domestic and external stakeholders.
    • Prepare Quarterly Economic Reports for international rating agencies as well as domestic and external stakeholders.