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To be Division which is capable, competent and respected by all stakeholders, especially senior management and the Government as a center for corporate excellence and through effective and responsive communication system.


To monitor and strengthen governance system of public sector financial management,  to lead corporate affairs based on the transformation agenda and KPI of all Treasury Department, and to take  action on the decision of internal and external stakeholders(Cabinet Minister, Chief Secretary and senior management) as well as implementing corporate communications program as needed.


  1. To monitor the compliance of financial management system in terms of governance, transformation,  audit reports to ensure a more  efficient and effective management.
  2. Enhancing innovation, Treasury transformation and ICT policies to ensure the sustainability and the requirements of its stakeholders.
  3. To manage public relations services, publicity, feedback / complaints, Parliament affair and Cabinet Meetings.


  1. Develop, coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Strategic Plan of the Treasury and the achievement of key performance indicators for YB MKII, TMK, KSP and Parts;
  2. Improve the effectiveness of publicity and dissemination of information on policy through a comprehensive communication strategies and technologies;
  3. Coordinate the review of the Financial Procedure Act 1957, Treasury Instructions and Treasury Circulars to be more flexible and relevant over time;
  4. To manage the affairs of Integrity Governance Committee (IGC) Ministry of Finance and monitor emerging issues of IGC at national level;
  5. To coordinate feedback of Parliament and Cabinet meetings related to the Ministry of Finance issue;
  6. Plan and manage the implementation of quality programs and innovations in the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance;
  7. Monitor and coordinate the implementation of the Internal Audit at Ministry / Departments and the Office of the Secretary of State;
  8. Coordinate feedback to the Auditor General Report of Government agencies to be tabled in the Cabinet and Parliament meetings;
  9. Pursue the continuity of Treasury strategic transformation
  10. Coordinate e-payment strategic plan in public sector and protect the interests of public money in the implementation of ICT mega projects.


 We are committed and pledge that we will always strive to improve the effectiveness of the Financial Management System as follows:

  1. Monitor quarterly the implementation and achievement of KPI for YBMK II, TMK, KSP and department;
  2. Provide advisory services on Financial Management System, Audit and Accounting matters effectively within 5 to 14 days subject to the need to refer to a third party;
  3. Organize at least 90% of Internal Audit training program planned for each year;
  4. To implement the evaluation of the effectiveness of each Internal Audit Unit in Ministries / Departments of the Federal Government and the State Government at least once in 3 years;
  5. To approve application of new or amended Financial Forms from Government agencies within 1 month;
  6. To ensure that every customer complaints received are responded within one (1) working day from the date received;
  7. To coordinate and prepare feedback reports on the remarks highlighted in the Auditor General’s Audit Report (LKAN) within 3 months from the date of receipt;
  8. To obtain answers for parliamentary questions from the respective division of Treasury within 5 working days;
  9. To submit feedback pertaining to the Cabinet Decision that requires immediate action by 4.00 pm every Tuesday;
  10. To inform the respective division of Treasury on the parliamentary order paper for the following day before 8.00 pm.