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To assist towards excellence in financial management and accountability in the Ministry of Finance.

To conduct audits in a professional manner to enhance financial management in the Ministry of Finance.

To assist the organization achieves its objectives through a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve effectiveness of the control and governance processes.


  1. To review the reliability and effectiveness of the financial and internal control systems of the organization;
  2. To review the activities of the organizations to determine whether they are conducted in an economic, efficient and effective manner;
  3. To review the compliance of relevance policies, laws, rules, and regulations;
  4. To review the safeguarding of assets and interests of the organization against loss, fraud and abuse;
  5. To provide advise/views on internal controls of all systems including ICT systems;
  6. To carry out audits at Treasury and departments under the Ministry of Finance;
  7. To report audit findings to the Secretary General of Treasury and take follow-up actions on issues raised;
  8. To prepare the Internal Audit Annual Plan and Internal Audit Report for the approval of the Secretary General of Treasury; and
  9. To present the Internal Audit Report and External Audit Report in the Audit Committee Meetings.



  1. Issue Audit Reports or observations within a month from completion of the Audit;
  2. Prepare Internal Audit Annual Report before the end of March of the following year.