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1. Enquiry of MM2H Car Import Tax Exemption

Adakah layak sesorang pegawai menuntut Elaun Harian sekiranya makan disediakan oleh penganjur dalam tempoh pegawai tersebut bertugas rasmi di luar ibu pejabat?

MM2H Car Tax Incentives

Each MM2H participant may import one used motorcar (ownership of more than 6 months prior to issuance of MM2H visa) which belongs to him/her from his/her country of citizenship or where he/she last domiciled. He/She will be exempted from paying import duty, excise duty and sales tax on the imported motorcar within six (6) months from the endorsement of the MM2H visa.

2. Approval Letter to Sell a Car

I was exempted from tax when I bought a car under MM2H programmed. Now I am going to sell my car, so I need to pay tax. To pay the tax, I need to get an approval letter to submit to customs. What item do I need to prepare to get the approval letter?

Please submit these documents to obtain the letter of approval for the sale of the car bought under the MM2H program:

  1. Letter of intent to sell the car - please state reason for selling;
  2. A copy of the car registration card; and
  3. A copy of passport/MM2H visa.

Once received, the letter of approval will be issued within 2 weeks.

3. Enquiry of MM2H got GST

I would like to enquiry about MM2H customer need to pay GST if they are entitle to purchase one unit new car(Tax Exampted)

For applications submitted before 1st April 2015, the applicant may be exempted from GST for a period of three months from the date of approval. All application received on 1st April 2015 forward is subjected to GST.
4. Renewing Sijil Pendaftaran

How and what to prepare for renewing Sijil Pendaftaran Kementerian Kewangan

For your information, you can renew your licence with Ministry of Finance by using online at e-perolehan website www.eperolehan.gov.my. You can use the following steps to guide you about the registration:

  1. Please click at supplier/consultant registration.
  2. Choose your language (Malay/English)
  3. Please key in your log on id and password.
  4. Please click on renewal to proceed.

If you have any enquiries you can contact 03-7985 7777 / 7888 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information on the renewal process.

Last Update : 31 Dicember 2015