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Malaysia Financial Form

Establishment of the Committee on Financial Forms

Establishment of the Committee on financial forms is as follows: -

  1. To collect and review all forms of government under the financial series;
  2. To determine how the existing design / format of the financial forms should be amended, corrected or adjusted;
  3. To identify the financial forms where the contents are no longer relevent and proposed elimination; and
  4. To consider all proposals for new or amended financial forms, including receipts, licenses and the like, and give approval for printing in accordance with the provisions under Treasury Instruction 292.

What are the forms that need to be approved?

  1. Forms that need to be approved by the Committee are the forms under Financial series used in all departments as a common form for financial or accounting matters and tagged with a reference number such as "Kew. 38", for example, receipts, licenses, coupons and of its kind which aim to receive payment.
  2. While the forms for a purpose issued by Departments, with reference number or department name such as "Im 42" (application for passport) or the forms under the General series used in all departments with the reference numbers such as "Am 315" (Annual Job Valuation Report), does not require the approval of the Committee on the Finance forms. For these forms, the Heads of Ministries and Heads of Department are authorized to review, alter, modify or eliminate their use. The best way to discharge that duty is to establish a Committee at the Department / Ministry level respectively.

How to apply for approval

Ministry / Department seeking approval to review, improve, amend, or coordinate the use of financial forms shall submit an application to the Committee on Finance Forms established in the Strategic Financial Management Division, Treasury. Following the steps belows: -

  1. An explanation of the background on the use of the forms and procedures relating thereto;
  2. Provide examples of forms to be amended (the original form and sample format of the proposed new form);
  3. State the reasons why the form should be amended, revised or adjusted; and
  4. The advantages if the new form is used and how it benefits the Ministry / Department and the public.

In conclusion, with the Committee, on financial forms, receipts, licenses and the like will be consistenly revised, amended, corrected or adjusted to improve efficiency and moving forward towards "paperless bureaucracy".