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CHAPTER 1 : Economic Management and Prospects
CHAPTER 2 : International Economic Performance and Cooperation
CHAPTER 3 : Economic Performance and Prospects
CHAPTER 4: Public Sector Finance
CHAPTER 5 : Monetary and Financial Developments
The Economy 2014
The Federal Government Budget 2014
I. International Economy
1.1 Key Economic Data of Selected Advanced Countries
1.2 Key Economic Data of ASEAN Member Countries
1.3 Key Economic Data : Selected Developing Economies
II. National Accounts
2.1 Gross Domestic Product by Kind of Economic Activity at Constant 2005 Prices
2.2 Selected Indicators for Services Sector
2.3 Industrial Production Index
2.4 Gross National Income by Demand Aggregates at Current Prices
2.5 Gross National Income by Demand Aggregates at Constant 2005 Prices
2.6 Private Consumption Indicators
2.7 Private Investment Indicators
2.8 Investment in Approved Projects by Industry
2.9 Foreign Investment in Approved Projects by Country
III. External Sector
3.1 Commodity Trade by SITC
3.2 Malaysia's Trade by Geographical Group
3.3 Malaysia's Trade with Major Trading Partners
3.4 Production, Exports and Prices of Major Primary Commodities
3.5 Direction of Major Exports
3.6 Exports of Manufactured Goods
3.7 Source of Major Imports
3.8 Balance of Payments
IV. Prices
4.1 Consumer Price Index by Region
4.2 Consumer Price Index by Stratum
4.3 Consumer Price Index by Income Group
4.4 Procedur Price Index
V. Labour Market
5.1 Employment and Labour
5.2 Employment by Industry
5.3 Active Registrants
5.4 Vacancies and Placements
VI. Public Finance
6.1 Consolidated Public Sector Finance
6.2 Federal Government Finance
6.3 Federal Government Revenue
6.4 Federal Government Operating Expenditure by Object
6.5 Federal Government Operating Expenditure by Sector
6.6 Federal Government Development Expenditure
6.7 Federal Government Net Borrowings
6.8 Federal Government Domestic Debt
6.9 External Debt
6.10 State Governments Consolidated Finance
6.11 Local Governments Consolidated Finance
6.12 Statutory Bodies Consolidated Finance
6.13 NFPEs Financial Position
VII. Financial and Capital Markets
7.1 Broad Money (M3)
7.2 Commercial Banks : Loans by Purpose and Sector
7.3 Islamic Banks : Financing by Purpose and Sector
7.4 Interest Rates
7.5 Key Exchange Rates
7.6 Bursa Malaysia : Selected Indicators
VIII. Socio-Economic Indicators
8.1 Selected Socio-Economic Statistics