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CHAPTER 1 : Economic Management and Outlook
CHAPTER 2 : Economic Performance and Prospects
CHAPTER 3 : Public Sector Finance.
CHAPTER 4 : Monetary and Financial Developments
The Economy 2006
The Federal Government Budget 2006
Malaysia - Key Data and Forecasts
CHART 2.1 Private Consumption Indicators
CHART 2.2 Private Investment Indicators
CHART 2.3 Performance of the Manufacturing Sector
CHART 2.4 Performance of the Semiconductor Sector
CHART 2.5 Value Added of Major Commodities
CHART 2.6 Construction Growth, Development Expenditure and Infrastructure Contracts Awarded
CHART 2.7 Residential Supply Indicators
CHART 2.8 Non-Residential Supply Indicators
CHART 2.9 Tourism Industry
CHART 2.10 Share of E&E to Total Manufacturing Exports
CHART 2.11 Performance of Selected Manufacturing Exports
CHART 2.12 Primary Comodity Exports
CHART 2.13 Trade Performance
CHART 2.14 International Reserves
CHART 2.15 Savings Investment Gap
CHART 3.16 Trend of CPI and PPI
CHART 2.17 Retrencment in Selected Sectors
CHART 2.18 Manufacturing Sector : Growth in Productivity and Unit Labour Cost
CHART 3.1 Federal Government Finance : Current Account
CHART 3.2 Percentage of Overall Deficits/Surplus to Gross Domestic Product
CHART 3.3 Major Components of Federal Government Revenue
CHART 3.4 Federal Government Operating Expenditure
CHART 3.5 Federal Government Development Expenditure by Sector
CHART 3.6 Federal Government Loans - Principal Repayment, Redemptions and Charges
CHART 3.7 Federal Government External Dept by Currencies
CHART 4.1 Monetary Aggregates
CHART 4.2 Gross Private Sector Financing through Banking System Loans and Capital Market
CHART 4.3 Banking System : Loans Outstanding and Growth
CHART 4.4 Loan Approvals and Disbursements by Sector : Value and Share
CHART 4.5 Perfomance of Ringgit Againts Selected Currencies
CHART 4.6 Banking System : Gross NPLs, Net NPLs Ratio, Risk-Weighted and Capital Ratio
CHART 4.7 Parent Issues of PDS by Purpose
CHART 4.8 Perfomance of Selected Stock Market Indices
CHART 4.9 Bursa Malaysia : KLCI and Total Volume
CHART 4.10 Unit Trust Industry : NAV, Units In Circulation and Number of Funds
I. International Economy
1.1 Key Economic Data Of Advanced Countries
1.2 ASEAN : Key Economic Data
1.3 Key Economic Data Of Selected Developing Countries in Asia
II. National Accounts And Prices
2.1 Gross National Product By Demand Aggregate
2.2 Gross Domestic Product By Industrial Origin in 1987 Real Prices
2.3 Balance Of Payments
2.4 Consumer Price Index (By Region)
2.5 Consumer Price Index (By Strata And Income Group)
2.6 Producer Price Index
III. Trade And Production
3.1 Commodity Trade By SITC And Direction
3.2 Malaysia's Trade with ASEAN Countries
3.3Production, Exports And Prices Of Major Primary Commodities
3.4 Direction Of Major Exports
3.5 Sources Of Major Imports
3.6 Eksports Of Manufactured Goods
3.7 Industrial Production Index
IV. Public Finance
4.1 Consolidated Public Sector Finance
4.2 Federal Government Finance
4.3 Federal Government Revenue
4.4 Federal Government Operating Expenditure-By Object
4.5 Federal Government Operating Expenditure-By Sector
4.6 Federal Government Development Expenditure
4.7 Federal Government Net Borrowings
4.8 Federal Government Domestic Debt
4.9 National Debt
4.10 State Governments Consolidated Finance
4.11 Local Governments Consolidated Finance
4.12 Statutory Bodies Consolidated Finance
4.13 NFPEs Financial Position
V.Money And Banking
5.1 Monetary Aggregates
5.2 Commercial Banks: Direction Of Lending (Including Islamic Banks)
5.3 Interest Rates
5.4 Key Exchanges Rates
5.5 Bursa Malaysia: Selected Indicators
VI. Employment
6.1 Employment And Labour
6.2 Registered Job Seekers, New Vacancies And Placements
VII. Private Sector
7.1 Private Investment And Consumption Indicators
7.2 Selected Indicators For Services Sector
VIII. Foreign Investment
8.1 Foreign Investment In Approved Projects By Country And Industry
IX. Sosio-Economic Indicators
9.1 Selected Socio-Economic Statistics
Acronyms and Abbreviations