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Chapter 1
- The Performance of the Malaysian in 2000 and Prospects for 2001

Chapter 2  
- Managing The Malaysian Economy in 2000

Chapter 3
- International Economic Survey

Chapter 4
- Sectoral Performance

Chapter 5  
- Public Sector Financial Performance

Chapter 6
- External Trade, Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange Market

Chapter 7
- Prices, Employment and Wages

Chapter 8
- Developments in the Financial System 

Statistical Table 

Investors'   Guide 

Malaysian - Key Data and Forecast



 Chart 1.1  Key Economic Indicators 
 Chart 1.2  Savings-Investment Gap
 Chart 3.1  Major Industrial Countries: Major Economic Indicators
 Chart 3.2  Current Trends in Key Economic Determinants in Industrial Countries
 Chart 3.3  Developing Countries: Major Economic Indicators
 Chart 4.1  Monthly Manufacturing Production Index
 Chart 4.2  Value-Added for Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Sector at 1987 Constant Price
 Chart 4.3  Value-Added for Mining Sector at 1987 Constant Price
 Chart 5.1  Federal Government Finance-Current Account
 Chart 5.2  Percentage of Overall Deficit/Surplus to Gross Domestic Product
 Chart 5.3  Major Components of Federal Government Revenue
 Chart 5.4  Federal Government Operating Expenditure
 Chart 5.5  Federal Government Development Expenditure by Sector
 Chart 5.6  Federal Government Loans-Principals Repayments, Redemptions and Charges
 Chart 5.7  Federal Government Debt
 Chart 5.8  Federal Government External Debt by Source
 Chart 5.9  Federal Government External Debt by Currency
 Chart 5.10  External Debt Servicing Ratio
 Chart 6.1  Export Structure
 Chart 6.2  Monthly Manufactured Goods Exports (annual percentage change)
 Chart 6.3  Palm Oil-Exports and Price
 Chart 6.4  Sawn Timber and Sawlogs-Exports and Unit Value
 Chart 6.5  Rubber-Exports and Price
 Chart 6.6  Crude Oil-Exports and Price
 Chart 6.7  Tin-Exports and Price
 Chart 6.8  Direction of Trade (January - August 2000)
 Chart 6.9  Balance of Trade (January - August 2000)
 Chart 6.10  Exchange Rates of the Malaysian Ringgit
 Chart 7.1  Consumer Price Index
 Chart 7.2  Producer Price Index
 Chart 7.3  Employment Indicators
 Chart 8.1  Monetary Trends
 Chart 8.2  Share Markets
 Chart 8.3  Movement of Mesdaq Composite Index (MCI) againts the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (KLCI)