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  1. Offshore companies in Labuan undertaking offshore business can elect to pay tax at a rate of 3% from net profit; or pay RM20,000.
  2. Income of offshore companies from non-trading activities is not subjected to any taxes.
  3. Management and technical fees, interest and royalty paid by offshore companies to non-residents or to other offshore companies are exempted from withholding tax.
  4. Dividend received by or from offshore companies is not subjected to income tax except for dividend received from companies undertaking offshore business activities.
  5. All documents relating to business of offshore companies are not subjected to stamp duty.
  6. Non citizen working in Labuan in the field of management who are engaged by offshore companies are exempted from income tax on 50% of their gross income up to the year of assessment 2004.
  7. Trust company is exempted from income tax on 65% of the statutory income for qualifying services to an offshore company from YA 2000(current year) to YA 2004.