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Keputusan Carian Pintar
  1. Pioneer Status or Investment tax Allowance
  2. Industrial Adjustment Allowance
  3. Infrastructure Allowance
  4. Reinvestment Allowance
  5. Industrial Building Allowance
  6. Double deduction on expenses for the promotion of exports
  7. Double deduction for promotion of Malaysian brand names
  8. Double deduction incentive for research and development
  9. Double deduction incentives for training
  10. Double deduction incentives on freight charges
  11. Double deduction on export credit insurance premium
  12. Single deduction on pre-operating training expenses
  13. Single deduction on expenses incurred for obtaining quality systems and halal certification and accreditation
  14. Tax exemption on the value of increased exports
  15. Accelerated Capital Allowance
    1. use of environmental protection equipment
    2. use of computers and information technology assets
    3. upon expiry of reinvestment allowance only for companies that reinvest in promoted products
  16. Duty exemption on machinery, equipment, raw materials & components for:
    1. producing manufactured goods
    2. research activity - training activity
    3. environmental protection