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Main Page FAQs Public Asset Management Division
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1 Which agency is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the PIA and PIAS Programme
2 What are the criteria for project selection under the PIA and PIAS?
3 What should I do if the regulations set by Number 9 Year 2011 SPP can not be complied with
4 What are the current regulations set forth in the PIA and PIAS Program?
5 What is the Maintenance of Public Infrastructure Projects Program (PIA) and Basic Infrastructure Projects (PIAS)?
6 What is the impact on the complaint if the complainant does not perform its obligations after registering a complaint in the ABPP System?
7 What are the responsibilities of complainant after registering complaints in ABPP system?
8 How to make a complaint through the ABPP System?
9 What are the main functions of Payment Systems and Procedures Procurement Complaints (ABPP)?
10 What actions will be taken by BKP after the complaint is made?
11 Why there are limitations to the complaint will be considered by BKP?
12 What type of complaint will be considered by the BOT?
13 How a complaint to the Monitoring and Control Division (BKP) can be made?
14 To whom complaints regarding late payment and procurement procedures can be done?
15 What information is required when making a complaint through the ABPP system?
16 Procedure for Government Mobile Asset Management (TPA)
17 Treasury Circular No. 5/2007
18 Treasury Circular No. 5/2007 on the disposal of assets
19 If a vehicle is disposed of, but the engine is used again, with Treasury approval is required?
20 How to record and store registers are employees who take items from the store to record production?
21 What is the reference (circulars, directives, etc.) to determine the depreciation on the equipment / systems for surcharges?
22 Are specific procedures for the disposition of inventory?
23 Where can I find information / circulars on the categories of capital assets, inventory and stock of office supplies?
24 How accessory for a capital property must be labeled?
25 What is the value of the assets of the inventory?
26 I want to ask about the asset record format for government / statutory body?
27 Where can I find circular on disposal of assets and the definition ofan asset? What is the value that should be treated as capital property?

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