What are the steps that have been, are being and that will be taken to restore confidence in the local market?


 (i) Continuous efforts have been and are being taken by the Securities Commission to increase the public's trust in the local stock market, among which is to ensure a high level of transparency among listed companies in terms of adequate dissemination of information and accurate in relation to the activities and operations of the company to investors and shareholders so that they can make amore effective  investment decisions. In addition, the directors of listed companies are required to play a more responsible role in terms of corporate governance and  elements based on the elements of best practices. Report on code of best practices and the method of implementation was released in 1998. Amendments were also made to the listing requirements in relation to parties with connection and interest to the transactions in order to protect the interest of listed companies and minority shareholders from loss. On the economic recovery period, the Government expects the economy will recover quickly based on the positive development of  measures taken by the Government to strengthen the economic base and stabilise the financial markets by improving the balance of payments, increase export competitiveness, reduce imports and promote the use of local goods. In addition, cooperation from all parties including the private sector and trade unions is essential in helping the Government to revive the nation’s economy.

 (ii) The Government has no information about the profits generated by Malaysian investors abroad and the amount brought back. For companies that have invested outside the country before the fall of the Ringgit, they have the opportunity to obtain good returns if the assets owned outside of the country is sold and the proceeds repatriated back to Malaysia.