Procurement Board


1. BPK representative on the Procurement Board A is compulsory. For Procurement Board B, can BPK representatives attend?
  BPK representative is appointed by YBMK to sit on Procurement Board A and regulation stipulates that the presence of BPK representative is a must when considering tenders exceeding RM20 million.
In Procurement Board B, BPK representative is not appointed by YBMK as a member. Thus, BPK representative should not be present as a member of the Procurement Board B. Should BPK representative be present, it is only to advise.
representative should
not be present when Procurement Board B made its decision. However, if the BPK representative is appointed as "one of the representatives of other department to contribute", then the presence is valid and the representative can decide on the tender.
2. Can Procurement Board A consider tenders less than RM20 million?
  No, Procurement Board A can only consider tenders exceeding RM20 million.
3. If Procurement Board B's decision is not unanimous, can the tender then be submitted for Procurement Board A decision?
  No. All non-unanimous decisions of the Procurement Board must be submitted to the Ministry of Finance for decision.
4. Who appoints a Procurement Board?
  All Federal Procurement Boards are appointed by the Minister of Finance and all the State Procurement Boards are appointed by the Menteri Besar / Chief Minister. Ministry of Finance will manage the appointment of Federal Procurement Board after receiving recommendations from the respective Ministries.