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Main Page FAQs By Division Government Procurement Division Suppliers Registration
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Why must suppliers be registered with the Ministry of Finance?  
  Suppliers must register with the Ministry of Finance to be invited to participate in procurement by quotation (value of more than RM50,000 to RM500,000) and tender (above RM500,000). Nevertheless suppliers are encouraged to register with the Ministry of Finance for the procurement of below RM50,000.

How do I apply to be registered with the Ministry of Finance?

You need to visit the website: by clicking on the Supplier / Consultan Registration network.

What is the fee for registration with the Ministry of Finance?

The rate of payment for registration with the Ministry of Finance is RM450.00 for a period of three (3) years with a maximum of ten (10) fields. For each additional field RM50.00 is charged.

Why does the approval for the registration application takes time?

If the information / documents required are complete, the application can be processed and approved quickly. If the application is incomplete, additional information / documents are required for processing and approval will then take some time.

Where is the registration application form available?

All applications must be made on-line and no manual forms are issued for the application for registration with the Ministry of Finance.

What are the types of registration / application?

The types of registration are as follows:
  (i)  New Application
  (ii)  Application for Renewal
  (iii)  Application to Add Field
  (iv)  Application for Bumiputera Status

(v)  Application to Update Profile

What are the benefits of registration?
  (a) Companies registered with the Ministry of Finance can participate in procurement undertaken through quotation and tender;
  (b) Companies registered are excluded from the tender deposit;
  (c) Companies can exhibit catalogs and prices in the eProcurement system and expand their marketing opportunities; and
  (d) Facilitate Government Agencies in inviting for quotation, tender or direct purchase.
If my company is registered with the Ministry of Finance, does it secure opportunities to work with Government departments?
  No. The company needs to compete with other companies for quotations and tender businesses. For direct purchase Government agencies can purchase directly from registered companies of a reasonable price.
I was made to understand that if we know Treasury officials, it eases application approval?
  Not true. You do not need to know any Treasury officer for approval of your application. You only need to ensure that your application is complete and meets the conditions of registration and your application will be approved.
I heard that the cost of registration is from RM500.00 to RM5,000.00. Is this true?
  Not true. The rate of payment for registration with the Ministry of Finance is RM450.00 for three (3) years with a maximum of ten (10) fields. For each additional field RM50.00 is charged. This fee is charged after your applicationhas been approved. However, this cost does not include the cost to register the company with the Companies Commission of Malaysia.
When will the certificate will be issued after the application is approved?
  Certificates will be issued after approval of the application and registration fee paid. Physical certificates are not issued anymore and companies can print their own digital certificate online.
What action should be taken if the registration certificate is lost?
  The question of lost registration certificate no longer arise  because digital certificates can be reprinted.
 How long is it for a replacement certificate?
  The question of replacement certificate does not arise because digital certificate can be reprinted.
I do not know how to use a computer to apply for an online registration. What is the advice of  Ministry of Finance?
  You may request assistance at the eProcurement kiosks in the respective states or ask for friends who can use computers to help you.
Do visit / audit to the premises  made for all applications for registration or only for certain types of applications?
  Visit / audit to premises will be made to the companies applying for the field of manufacturer / special or for Bumiputera status.
Should I rent an office space to be registered with the Ministry of Finance?
  In the ​​manufacturer / special field you need to own or rent premises. For fields that are allowed to operate from home, you do not need to rent premises and you may use your home address for business.
Should I come / appear in person at the Ministry of Finance in Putrajaya, if I am applying to register with the Ministry of Finance?
  Not necessary. You can apply online from your home or office.
Can I add a field at any time or do I have to wait until the renewal of certificate?
  You can apply to add field at any time after the registration is approved.
What are the rates to add fields?
  RM50.00 for every field if there are more than ten (10) fields.
Is there a maximum limit for the number of fields?  
  Currently there is no maximum number of fields. However, the Ministry of Finance is planning to limit for each company that it can register 30 fields only.
When will payments be made?
  Payment can be made after the application is approved by cash(payment at the counter) / check / bank draft / credit card / debit card.
How long is the registration certificate in force?
  The registration certificate is valid for three (3) years.
When can I apply for a renewal?
  Renewal application should be made three (3) months before the expiry of the registration certificate. The renewal must also be applied online.
Do I need to phone Treasury officials to know the status of my application?  
  Not necessary. Application status can be checked online.
Can I apply to register and simultaneously apply for Bumiputera status or should it be applied separately?
  You need to register first and then apply for Bumiputera status separately.
Can I take the certificate of registration myself at the Ministry of Finance? 
  Physical certificates are no longer issued and the digital certificate can be printed yourself.
27. How are the certificates sent?
  Certificates are no longer be sent as the digital certificates can be printed yourself.
28. After being registered can I sell the company to others?
  Each newly registered company cannot change their equity and management for six (6) months from the date of approval. This is to prevent the company from being sold. It is the Government's intention to deal with a company that runs their business activities.
29. After getting a contract can subcontract it to others?
  You may not sub-contract the whole or any part of the contract to any party without prior Government approval. For your information companies selected are based on valuation and therefore sub-contracts are usually not allowed.
30. Do I have to attend courses to register with the Ministry of Finance?
  You do not need to attend any course to register with the Ministry of Finance.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 March 2012 13:18

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