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Main Page FAQs By Division Tax Division Incentive to Purchase/Import Cars Under The MM2H Programme
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1.What is the maximum price of a car that can be purchased under this incentive?

No maximum price is set for purchasing a car that is manufactured/assembled in Malaysia.
2.What is the maximum capacity of a car that can be purchased under this incentive?
 No maximum limit is set.
3.Can a car that has been approved for exemption of duty/tax  be sold/change of ownership?
 Participants must obtain a written permission from the Treasury before the exempted vehicle can be sold/change of ownership.
4. Can a car be that has been exempted from duty/tax be registered under the name of the applicant's wife who is a citizen of Malaysia?
 A car exempted under the MM2H program cannot be registered under the name of the wife although she is a Malaysian citizen because this incentive is for foreigners who possessed a  MM2H visa.
5. My wife and I have been approved the MM2H visa, as I often leave the country, can my wife apply for a car?
 Application for approval of a car must be submitted under the name of the husband and may be registered in the wife's name, who also holds the MM2H visa.
6. I, my wife and our two children visas have been approved under the MM2H program, can my wife and I make separate applications to enable us to have two cars under this incentive?
 Each family is entitled to apply for the purchase or import of one car only.
7. If the duration of my 5-year MM2H visa expires, whereby I intend to renew my MM2H visa for a period of another 10 years, can I apply for an exemption for another car?
 Each participant is eligible to apply only for one car regardless of how many times he/she renews the visa period.
8. I am an Australian citizen but has long been residing in Hong Kong. Can I import a car that has been used in Hong Kong and are there any additional documents required?
  If you have been residing for a long time in Hong Kong the car can be brought into Malaysia under the MM2H program by providing proof such as property ownership documents, temporary resident card,  letter of support/acknowledgment from employer (if employed) and so on.
9.I am a Korean citizen and has been living in Korea, can I import a new car purchased in Germany?

Participants are not allowed to import cars from a third country. Cars that can be imported are those that are being used in the country of origin/last domicile of the participants.

10.I have been approved a MM2H visa, can I import a new car purchased from any country?

This incentive only allow participants to purchase a new car manufactured/assembled in Malaysia. Imports are only for cars that are being used in the country of origin/last domicile of the participants.
Last Updated on Friday, 23 March 2012 16:39

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